About MIA- Missing In Adventure

Missing in adventure:

Life begins when you explore out of your comfort zone.  The adventures, challenges, breath-taking visuals, and the opportunity to taste the flavors the world has to offer are just a few of many reasons to travel. Whatever the reason it maybe, we are here to assist you accomplish your voyage within your budget. The tours we offer are personalized to meet your goals and needs in the most economical manner. Come explore the world with us and get lost in the amazing adventure. Let us capture your moments while you are in pursuit of happiness and ever lasting memories!!


Explore:  Don’t be a tourist, ditch the guidebook and blend in within the streets like a local.


Come explore destinations and enjoy the street food like a local would. Explore the local beautiful traditional exotics highlights in each location. We will take you on an adventure all over the world as well the exotic destinations of your choice within your desired budget. We are proud to offer you a personalized tour to your destinations in a transparent manner. The freedom to roam around the world and not worrying about the dent to your savings.


Capture: Stop focusing on your camera lens and enjoy the visuals with your sense.

Smartphones have found their way to everyone’s pocket, it’s been a blessing and a curse. More time is spent on capturing the views on a small screen rather than actually enjoying what our eyes show us. Distracting our minds and robbing us the visual that nature has to offer us.

Then again, if we didn’t post on our social media for the world to see, did it really happen?


Our goal is to provide you the best of both worlds, the best attractions and the best snaps.

For the first time in the history of travel industry, we are introducing “Capture”. Every exploration you go with us is captured by our professional photographer, who captures the most natural and beautiful moments you have in the trip without any interruption. Your journey is going to be captured like never before in a cinematic 4k resolution videography. We want you to be the protagonist of your adventure.


Remember:  Turn back your clocks and go back in time whenever you please.

We know everyone wants to tell a story after they complete an exploration. Now leave it to us to tell your story in a never imagined way. Our gift to you as an explorer is a cinematic video that comprises of your highlights in the trip. Our personalized video will let you remember the trip forever. We want to make sure you share your conquering experience with your actions rather than words. Our experienced editors will update in your database the pictures and a cinematic 4K video with you as the focus in the frame. Our app will make it extremely easy for you to access and keep a track of all the places you have explored and remember the moments forever.